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Meadows was founded in the late 1790’s with the first permanent British settler believed to be Ralph Brake.  His wife Jane Matthews-Brake died in 1818 and Ralph died in 1842, their descendants still live in many areas of the West Coast including Bonne Bay, Trout River, Meadows and throughout the Bay of Islands.

Meadows is a quiet town to live, located just 20km from Corner Brook on Route 440 of the North Shore of the Bay of Islands.  There are 372 property owners, still a few old homesteads, and modern day homes with 649 residents.  The Town also boasts of the spectacular view from Meadows Point of Corner Brook and Curling areas and also the beautiful Blomidon Mountains;  or take a leisurely stroll or just sit and watch the sun rising or setting on the beautiful Meadows Beach, there is also a lighthouse located on Meadows Beach.

There are 4.9km of roads throughout the Town, most paved in 2013, hopefully in the next year the remaining paving will be completed.

The Town has its own water supply consisting of two connecting ponds; we also supply water to the neighbouring Towns of Gillams and a portion of Summerside.

Services provided to the Towns residents include: water and sewer, garbage collection, street lighting, snow-clearing, fire fighting and recreation.  Canada Post has a postal kiosk located in the centre of Town for mail pick-up.

Buildings owned by the Town includes: Town Hall which houses the Town Office and Western Health Offices, Garage that also houses the recreation room and the Meadow Golden 50+ Club, Fire Hall, Chlornine Building.

Groups under the arm of council include: Fire and Firette Depts., in November 2012 the Fire Dept received a new 2012 – 1050 Pumper, 4-door Fire Truck; Recreation Committee who oversees the unsupervised playground and recreation area in the centre of the Town, the Multi-Purpose Court should be completed within a week or two, there will still be lots of work to be done to complete this project but Recreation will have a 65’x125′ concrete surface to entertain an outdoor ice surface since the 1980’s.

The only school for the North Shore is located in Meadows, K-12 School, Templeton Academy with approximately 550 students from Hughes Brook to Cox’s Cove.  The school also has a playground area, soccer pitch and walking trails, that intertwine with the Towns trails, and a recycle program that residents also participate in.

There are many amenities in the Town: daycare centre, takeout and convenience store, hair and tanning salon, pottery shop, auto repair shop, seniors complex, school, church, 50+ group, walking and hiking trails, winter trails, Western Health Clinics, Early Childhood Association and Town Office.

During winter you can leave your home and hit the groomed trails that will take you to Corner Brook or Deer Lake and beyond; trails are also an excellent place for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Some Festivals that take place in the Town each year: February – Fire Dept. Fundraising Snowmobile Run; March – Annual Winter Carnival; July – Party in the Park.

The corner stone for the Anglican Church “Holy Trinity” was laid in 1952, with the first service being held on September 11th, 1955 at 10:30am.  Behind the church is the cemetery also used by the Town of Gillams.  If you have time to visit the cemetery you will find headstones dated back to the 1800’s.  Holy Trinity still has active ACW and Vestry groups.

Cell phone coverage and ultra high speed internet are also available in the Town of Meadows.

In closing, the Town of Meadows is a great place to live, raise a family or retire.