June 30th Tax Deadline – Water Shut Offs July 4th

June 30th Tax Deadline – Water Shut Offs July 4th

As per Section 101 subsection (2) of the Municipalities Act, taxes are due June 30th.

There are three options available to you:

  1. Payment in full on or before June 30th
  2. Post-dated cheques to the end of December 2017
  3. Signed agreement to pay in installments to the end of October 2017.

If payment is not received or agreement signed prior to June 30th, as per Section 132 of the Municipalities Act “Council may disconnect the service of water”.

Water shut offs will commence on July 4th, 2017.

Tax payers who have had their water shut off for failure to pay municipal or business taxes, must pay the balance owed plus a $35 charge before the water service is restored.

For the convenience of our tax payers, we have introduced payment via email transfer at the email address above.

Statements of account were sent via mail on May 30th. If  you have not received a copy of your statement contact the office as soon as possible.

Office hours are Monday to Thursday 9 am to 4:30 pm (closed for lunch 12:30-1:30).

Friday 9 am to 1 p.m.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the town office at 783-2339.