Spring Clean Up May 15-18th

Spring Clean Up May 15-18th

The Town’s clean up week will be May 15-18th inclusive. If you have any questions regarding items that will be taken during the clean-up, contact the Meadows Town office at 783-2339. Keep in mind that waste will be taken selectively as it has to be dropped at certain locations within the land fill site. For example, the driver might take a full load of metal or wood. This will not be mixed with regular household waste.

Regular garbage day will resume on Friday May 19th.

There will be a Spring Clean Up May 15-18th.  Please tie or tape those items that cannot be bagged.

I have had some questions regarding what will be accepted during the spring clean-up and what will not be accepted. Please see information below to help clarify any questions you might have.

We will not be accepting any regular household garbage during clean up. That will be picked up on Friday the 19th, so please do not put out household garbage during clean up period.

Materials not to be accepted at curbside during Residential Fall & Spring Cleanup.

    • Hazardous, explosive or toxic waste. (residents wishing to dispose of their HHW will have to deliver that to the landfill themselves).
    • Car Batteries (residents wishing to dispose of their batteries will have to deliver that to the landfill themselves).
    • Paints (residents wishing to dispose of their paints will have to deliver that to the landfill themselves).
    • Bulk Liquids.
    • Fuel tanks (Diesel/Gas) that have not been emptied, cleaned and vented.
  • Tires from cars, pickup trucks, vans and SUV’s. (Tires from wheel barrels, snow blowers, ATV’s, bicycles and other off road vehicles are accepted).
  • Propane tanks and cylinders.
  • Items containing Ozone Depleting Substances that have not been certified CFC Free. i.e. Fridges, freezers, humidifiers/ dehumidifiers, air conditioners, water coolers, etc.
  • Any item that has an engine/motor that has not been drained of all fluids. i.e. Lawnmower, snow blower, chainsaw, etc.
  • Roof Shingles


***The Town will accept fridges & freezers and will deliver them to Rod’s to have to Freon removed***

Metals collected at curbside must be kept separate from other waste so that it can be disposed of at the landfill separately. There is no charge to dispose of metals at the landfill.